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“Best Damn Race Ever”

POST-RACE RELIEF — Even the finest, fittest athletes encounter physical issues during training and competition … and that’s why physical therapy is so valuable. As an example, the “Best Damn Race Ever,” held recently in downtown Orlando, featured a large number of top-notch runners facing off in three events — a 5K, a 10K, and also a half-marathon. And for many of these runners, the day’s high point was crossing the finish line … and visiting the post-race triage tent operated by SportsCare, the official physical therapy provider of the popular annual event.

The most common treatments required were stretching assistance and icing, though some competitors did face recurrence of past injuries. In addition to assisting competitors immediately after the various races, SportsCare also provided pre-race therapy, and operated an informational tent.

High-resolution, digital images of the race are available at: http://tinyurl.com/o69ssja.

Photo 1 of 3: SportsCare therapist Christine Denny treats a competitor

Photo 2 of 3: SportsCare Winter Park, FL office director and therapist Dan Bosco with marketing representative Lindsey Bahr

Photo 3 of 3: Corporate South employees Denise Tysko (left) and Robyn Capoto (center) with SportsCare marketing representative Lindsey Bahr

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