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SportsCare's Athletic Recovery Room

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Stronger than yesterday, but not as strong as tomorrow!

During strenuous activity, your muscles break down and create lactic acid. Lactic acid slows the athletic recovery process, which slows down your ability to gain muscle and repeat performance.

RecoveryCare is now offered at select locations (Randolph [SportsCare Arena], Stockholm [Skylands Ice World], Ramsey, Cedar Knolls, Hoboken, East Hanover). Our highly-trained clinical staff will guide you through RecoveryCare, where you can access procedures designed for elite-level athletes. Take advantage of our Intermittent Compression Technology, Massage Guns, TheraCanes, stretching straps, foam rollers, and unique stretching programs to boost your athletic recovery.

Optimize Recovery, Enhance Ability!

Whether you strive for athletic dominance, or are just looking to get active again, our professionals at SportsCare can help you reach your goals and benefit your good health journey. Book your appointment today!

How RecoveryCare Works:

Available at our Randolph, Ramsey, Stockholm, Cedar Knolls, Hoboken, & East Hanover, New Jersey clinics!

RecoveryCare Benefits:

▪ Reduce Fatigue & Soreness

▪ Increase Circulation

▪ Increase Mobility

▪ Improve Repeat Performance Ability

▪ Increase Flexibility

▪ Prevent Injury

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RecoveryCare Appointment Request:

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We're Not Just SPORTS...We're All About The CARE!