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Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Training in NJ

Golf Training in New Jersey, New York & Florida

We have talented physical therapists recognized as Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) clinicians. Our eclectic approach to physical therapy treatment is perfect for analyzing a golfer’s physical limitations.

Understanding the balance between strength, flexibility, and core stabilization provides an excellent opportunity to maximize a golf enthusiast’s performance and enjoyment of the game. An extensive evaluation isolates the golfer’s deficits, and an individualized treatment program establishes a comprehensive progression for improvement.

Whether you have pain, want to avoid pain, or are looking to improve performance, an appointment at SportsCare will be a rewarding experience. Join us to discuss your GOALS.

What's Included in a TPI Evaluation:

1. Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Evaluation with a TPI Certified PT focusing on kinematic sequencing of rotational movements and biomechanical objective measures.

2. Biomechanical video analysis with a report of findings.

3. Individualized Golf Specific fitness program tailored to your needs based on goals and examination of findings.

4. Power, strength, flexibility, and core training to improve ball striking that can transition into a gym or home program.

Check Out Our At-Home Stretches For Golfers:

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