Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Training in NJ

Adam J. Gresh, PT, DPT - Director of Physical & Aquatic Therapy, SportsCare Mountain Lakes, NJ

Adam Gresh is a talented physical therapist in Morris County, NJ recognized as a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical 2 Certified clinician. In addition, he holds a Clinical Strength and Conditioning Specialization, is RockTape certified, and enthusiastically utilizes his Graston Technique M1 certification when indicated.

Adam’s eclectic approach to physical therapy treatment is perfect for analyzing a golfer’s physical limitations. Understanding the balance between strength, flexibility, and core stabilization provides an excellent opportunity to maximize a golf enthusiast’s performance and enjoyment of the game. An extensive evaluation isolates the golfer’s deficits, and an individualized treatment program establishes a comprehensive progression for improvement.

Whether you have pain, want to avoid pain, or are looking to improve performance, an appointment with Adam will be a rewarding experience. Join Adam in Mountain Lakes, NJ to discuss your GOALS.

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