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Video Gait Analysis


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Run with CARE

If you are looking to “run with CARE” we highly recommend working with the skilled physical therapists and sports medicine team at SportsCare Physical Therapy. Here we encourage running at all levels and are eager to help you CAREfully reach your running goals..

Common Running Injuries

There are many common running injuries that might pop up after miles and miles on your feet. Whether you are an avid marathoner or a novice who is eager to start running, here at SportsCare Physical Therapy, we can help you navigate how to successfully achieve your goals pain-free and without injury. Some common running injuries that physical therapy treatment can address include:

Iliotibial band syndrome

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (Runner’s knee)

Patellar tendinitis

Plantar fasciitis

Achilles tendinitis/tendinopathy

Muscle/tendon strains

Ligament sprains

Bursitis/tendinitis of the hip

The personalized treatment specific to runners that you will receive in the clinic may include muscle reeducation and coordination exercises, therapeutic strength exercises, mobility work, running drills, and manual therapy techniques including joint mobilizations, deep tissue massage, and instrument assisted soft tissue message. Foot posture analysis with shoe wear recommendations and video gait analysis may also be performed. AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills are available at select locations to aid in returning to running with less stress on your joints as you are recovering from an injury

Video Gait Analysis

Video Gait Analysis has been shown to improve runners’ mechanics and efficiency and helps prevent the onset of injury. Our trained therapists will meet with you to assess your strengths and weaknesses and will film you running on the treadmill to breakdown any faulty mechanics using our video gait analysis program. You will receive a written analysis with detailed photos including specific measurements pulled from your video to identify areas of improvement. Additionally, you will receive extensive education on dynamic warmups, running drills, running specific strength and mobility exercises, and a stretching routine all personalized to your needs.

We look forward to helping you run with CARE! To learn more about the services that we provide and to set up your video gait analysis or physical therapy screen, please click below.

At SportsCare we understand that your pain may need urgent care. It is our policy to schedule an appointment within 24 to 48 hours. Easily request an appointment below, or call the facility nearest to you to speak with someone from our team!  

Customized Treatment Plans

Physical Therapy is an important and necessary way for people to recover. The key to success for every therapy program is individualization, and at SportsCare Physical Therapy we see each of our patients as individuals. With a customized treatment plan that is unique to each patient, our therapists are able to address all of their patients’ specific needs!

At SportsCare we verify your insurance immediately, at no cost to you, so you’re fully aware of your responsibilities way before your first visit. It’s just one more step that we take to ensure that you have the best care possible. 

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