Services in New Jersey, New York, Florida


For over 17 years, SportsCare Institute has been providing quality physical therapy and sports medicine services. Our dedicated team of licensed therapists are experienced in many innovative therapeutic techniques and are committed to helping you meet or exceed your pre-injury performance level.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy services help each patient experience pain relief and maximum function. Our therapists are prepared to treat a wide variety of conditions, including joint replacements, headaches, arthritis, spinal injuries, and bursitis. We focus on not only treating the existing symptoms of the condition, but also identifying and treating the condition’s underlying cause to help our patients experience a complete recovery.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy services are available to help restore function to each patient and to help them regain independence in completing their everyday tasks. Our licensed therapists are trained to treat many diagnoses such as fractures, cumulative trauma disorders, nerve damage, dislocations, and carpal tunnel syndrome. We use many treatment methods, including wound care, therapeutic exercises, sensory re-education, functional activities, and desensitization.

Pediatric Therapy

Our pediatric therapy program treats patients from infancy through adolescence. Our caring staff provides care that is specifically designed to meet each child’s unique needs. Our team is experienced in providing care to patients with a variety of medical conditions and developmental disabilities. We specialize in helping children overcome movement dysfunction related to torticollis, orthopedic injuries, hip dysplasia, and tone abnormalities, in addition to other medical conditions. We also provide assistance to our patients in regards to balance and gross motor skills, and we provide post-surgical rehabilitation. Our services include evaluations, direct interventions, consultations, and education for the patient and his or her family.

Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine program is staffed by athletic trainers and physical therapists ready to help athletes recover from many types of injuries. With our SportsCare van and mobile training room, our athletic trainers can provide services to athletes on-site at sporting events such as triathlons, camps, tournaments, and recreational programs. Our trainers also work with local schools, running groups, mixed martial arts gyms, youth programs, and adult recreational sports teams to provide care to injured athletes. Our trainers offer services such as concussion testing and management, injury prevention screenings, and personalized exercise prescriptions.

Our staff focuses not only on treating athletes, but also on preventing injuries in athletes. With our thorough screening techniques, we can identify athletes who are at risk for injury and provide exercise and treatment recommendations to prevent these injuries from occurring. We are also happy to educate athletes, coaches, and parents on sports medicine topics, including body mechanics and injury prevention.