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Pediatric Therapy in NJ, NY & FL

SportsCare’s pediatric therapy program in NJ, NY & FL and KidsCare Institute services the needs of infants through adolescents with varying medical diagnosis and developmental disabilities. Our licensed therapists take pride in providing care tailored specifically for your child’s needs. Our therapists play a fundamental role in helping these children overcome movement dysfunctions related to a wide range of conditions including but not limited to:

• Torticollis (Read More)
• Orthopedic related injuries
• Post-surgical rehabilitation
• Fractures
• Hip Dysplasia
• Gross motor skills
• Balance skills
• Tone abnormalities

In order to enhance development and encourage maximum potential we have created a friendly, fun and stimulating environment. SportsCare takes a team-based approach, encouraging open communication between parents, physicians, teachers and coaches. Our mission is to provide exceptional care to children by maintaining an educational, family oriented atmosphere where both parents and therapists work together to accomplish common goals.

• Founded in 2001, KidsCare has provided school-based Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy in Hudson County schools of New Jersey and continues to expand its medically based services by providing private therapy in their West New York clinic with a fully equipped pediatric gym and observation room for parents.

Both KidsCare and our Pediatric Physical Therapy Program services include:

• Evaluations
• Direct Intervention (within the school and clinic environment)
• Consultation
• Patient/Family Education

Therapies are client-centered, using techniques, strategies and modalities such as:

• Sensory Integration Therapy
• The Listening Program for Auditory Processing
• Myofascial Release
• Kinesiotaping
• Home Exercise Programs

Our qualified team of therapists is a family committed to promoting health and wellness, functional independence and patient/family education for a child’s success in his/her home and school environment.

At SportsCare we understand that your pain may need urgent care. It is our policy to schedule an appointment within 24 to 48 hours. Easily request an appointment below, or call the facility nearest to you to speak with someone from our team!  

Customized Treatment Plans

Physical Therapy is an important and necessary way for people to recover. The key to success for every therapy program is individualization, and at SportsCare Physical Therapy we see each of our patients as individuals. With a customized treatment plan that is unique to each patient, our therapists are able to address all of their patients’ specific needs!

At SportsCare we verify your insurance immediately, at no cost to you, so you’re fully aware of your responsibilities way before your first visit. It’s just one more step that we take to ensure that you have the best care possible. 

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