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Groin Injuries in Ice Hockey

Groin Injuries in Ice Hockey PART I – INTRODUCTION Winter is quickly approaching and with it comes my favorite time of year, ice hockey season! Ice hockey is known for its high speed, hard hits, and agility to turn on a blade 1/8th of an inch thick; but today we are going to discuss a […]

Stand Up – Sit Less

(CNN)You might want to stand up for this. A growing amount of research suggests that just standing — even if you don’t walk around — can have health benefits. A recent study in Australia found that participants who spent time more standing and moving in the course of a week, based on a sensitive monitor […]

SportsCare Zamboni

SportsCare One Zamboni

Tonight the Rangers face off in their first pre-season game against the Islanders. If you tune into the action you may see the unveiling of the SportsCare Zamboni, affectionately dubbed SportsCare One by the Rangers, it will be out there resurfacing the ice. We are both excited and proud to be kicking off what is […]

Born To Run

Born to Run

Jay Klein was able to compete in the Born to Run 5K recently, but crossing the finish line again wasn’t always a certainty for him. Although he had always been an avid runner and very active, more recently he had been experiencing debilitating pain along with decreased function and it looked like it may relegate […]

Decrease Back pain

Decrease Back Pain with Non-invasive Therapy

One of the most common health problems among Americans is back pain, according to information from the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Diseases. Approximately 25% of American adults deal with at minimum of one day of back pain during a three-month period. Statistics also show that neck and back pain account for one […]

Official Partner of the New York Rangers

SportsCare is the Official Partner of the New York Rangers

SportsCare is proud to announce that it is now the Official Partner of the New York Rangers.  As hockey season quickly approaches, the excitement is in the air and the fans are ready to see their favorite players and team out on the ice. SportsCare is excited to be a part of the action this […]

Minimizing Injuries

Proper training is Key to Minimizing Injuries

  Athletes understand that if they want to perform at their peak, they must remain physically and mentally healthy, this is also key to minimizing injuries. It is equally important to build both physical strength as well as mental confidence that the body is capable of performing at a certain level. Without that level of […]

Increased Range of Motion

Increased Range of Motion With Hurdle Drills

Tightness in the hips and hamstrings are an indicator that you are at risk for an injury. One of the best ways to prevent or decrease the chance of injury would be mobility drills for increased range of motion. Dynamic stretches are great for moving the muscle through its range of motion but it is […]

Dagmara Wozniak and Monica Aksamit

Dagmara Wozniak and Monica Aksamit’s Road to Rio

SportsCare Performance Institute (SPI) athletes, Dagmara Wozniak and Monica Aksamit return from the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro with Bronze medals in the Women’s saber team fencing event. While the media will show us opening and closing ceremonies, competition, and medal awards, what we don’t see is the countless hours of travel, training, and dedicated […]



SPORTSCARE COMEBACK ATHLETE OF THE MONTH AUGUST 2016 — On a monthly basis, SportsCare Physical Therapy — the official therapy provider for the New York Red Bull’s — acknowledges an extraordinary athlete who has recovered from injury and returned to their sport. For the SPORTSCARE COMEBACK ATHLETE OF THE MONTH August 2016, SportsCare recognizes Mt Olive, NJ’s Jonah […]