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Top 6 Tips to Prevent Injuries When Gardening

Now that it is Springtime, many of us spend our time outside, doing yard work and gardening. Now, when you think “gardening sounds peaceful”, it should be… but there can be variables that harm your body, especially as we get older. Gardening motions like weeding, raking, digging, mulching, can all cause irritation due from strain

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Decreasing Inflammation with Diet

When it comes to decreasing inflammation, a cabinet full of pills and a freezer full of ice packs will only get you so far. More times than not the inflammation is chronic, rather than acute. Chronic inflammation is often caused by your body and immune system being off balance. What you eat may not only

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Looking for a Workout Boost? Consider Caffeine

Its 5am, you wake up and pull yourself out of bed and push yourself to get dressed and ready for your morning run. Or after a long day at the office you come home and force yourself to get dressed for the gym. What is one thing that most people reach for without a second

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