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Family Fridays


What Is Vertigo? Vertigo is the sensation of spinning—even when you’re perfectly still, you might feel like you’re moving or that the room is moving around you. Vertigo usually is described as a spinning sensation, whereas dizziness usually is described as “lightheadedness.” Often, they have different causes and different treatments. What Causes It? Most causes of

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Family Fridays

Core Muscle Injuries and Sports Hernia

What Is It? Core muscle injuries have been called athletic pubalgia and sports-hernia, but this injury does not fit the common definition of a “hernia,” where an organ or soft tissue protrudes outside its normal cavity. There is no defect in the abdominal wall or herniation of the abdominal contents with a sports-hernia. Injury occurs

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Family Fridays

Summer Joint Pain

Reduce Chronic Pain in the Summer, With These 5 Tips: Chronic pain conditions can interrupt your daily schedule of activities, through the year, but particularly in the Summer. The extreme heat can increase your pain symptoms, during a time where kids are home from school, and family visits are a plenty. Here are 5 tips

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Bergen Catholic Team of the Week

The Bergen Catholic football community has a new hero _ and he has nothing to do with Texas A&M or the Cleveland Browns. His name is Johnny Langan and he’s just a sophomore, but the BC faithful has already given him a memorable moniker, one that was made famous by a Heisman Trophy winner. Langan

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