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Pain and weakness of the arm can result in decreased an impaired ability to perform day to day activities, as you may have pain and difficulty with overhead reaching, dressing, and lifting/carrying. One of the most common arm injuries is a fracture of the upper arm bone (humerus) close to the shoulder; which can occur as a direct result of a fall on an outstretched arm. Other common arm injuries include, but are not limited to, muscle strains of the biceps or triceps. Because of pain, bruising, swelling, and weakness, you may experience severe limitations in the performance of routine activities of daily living. A physical therapist from SportsCare will be able to help create an adequate treatment plan to ensure maximum return of your functional status. In the event you require surgery, our skilled therapists will assist you through your post-operative plan of care and ensure you achieve all of the milestones that your surgeon has prepared.

At your Initial Evaluation (IE) a Licensed Physical Therapist (PT) will take a history of your condition and then complete a physical examination to obtain objective measures of your strength, range of motion, grip strength, and swelling. Upon completion of the examination, the PT will create a treatment plan that is research driven and individualized to your specific needs and goals. To meet these individualized goals, some anticipated treatments may include manual therapy, mobility exercises, progressive resistance exercise, functional training, modalities, and sport specific activities.

Manual Therapy:

Your PT will take a “hands on approach” to increase your ability to perform functional tasks using joint mobilizations, soft/deep tissue massage, neurodynamic resisted activities, and passive stretching.

Therapeutic Exercises:

This includes mobility exercises, stretches, and progressive strengthening that help to increase range of motion, then strengthen the muscles within the new achieved range.

Therapeutic Activities:

This includes specific functional training that mimics activities of daily living; for example dressing, vacuuming, or washing windows. Generally, this is an intervention that is highly specific and takes additional care to improve upon.


These include electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, heat, and ice; which can assist with pain management and swelling control in order to promote the optimal environment for tissue healing and ultimately performance of tolerable exercise.

Home Exercise Program:

A key component to your long-term success is the construction of, and adherence to, a home program that is skillfully designed to service your individualized needs by your Physical Therapist. This program would consistent of simple exercises that can easily be performed at home or at a gym on days that you are not in physical therapy to help increase your strength and range of motion.


If you fit into any aspect of this category of arm injury, please inquire within to schedule an appointment at your local SportsCare so that one of our licensed Physical Therapists can start you on your journey back to full health.


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