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Preventing Injuries in the Workplace & Elsewhere | NJ.com

Overexertion when lifting, along with falls, slips and trips, account for more than half of all workplace injuries, resulting in more than $30 billion in workers’ compensation costs in the United States.

Many workplace injuries are the result of over use, long-term poor posture and neglect. For workers who have suffered upper extremity injuries, including those to the elbow, wrist or hands, occupational therapists at SportsCare Physical Therapy can help.

In this article on NJ.com, SportsCare Physical Therapy’s own Allison Cohen and Jonathan Beck where both quoted on their expertise on injuries in the workplace. Check out the full article here.

“We address any injury in the upper extremity that affects someone’s ability to participate normally in their daily life tasks. This means not only work, but self-care, homemaking, sports and leisure activities.” -Allison Cohen

“We also see a good deal of shoulder injuries, particularly impingement, and we see that a lot with carpenters, painters, masonry workers; anyone who does an activity where they have to carry a heavy load or keep their arms raised.” -Jonathan Beck

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