You first saw it in the summer Olympics, then we noticed it in the NBA, and now athletes from all sports are running around with some sort of black or colorful tape on their bodies. Of course that leads us to think, what is that tape, why are they wearing it, and how can it help me or my child athlete?

That tape is a special tape called Kinesio Tape. As an athlete Kinesio Tape can enhance your performance by contributing to the healing process, help muscles to fire or reduce activation to reduce strain, and improve joint biomechanics all while maintaining your full available range of motion. If an injury occurs swelling and pain usually follow. The properties of Kinesio Tape can reduce swelling and pain by creating space to allow for increased flow and decreased pressure on pain receptors which can increase tolerance to movement. In addition to the healing response, muscles may become over-active or shut down and under produce. Kinesio Tape can be applied to either increase contractions of muscles to increase production or it can relax the over-active muscles and minimize strain. Lastly, if you have a sprain, Kinesio Tape can be used to balance the joint to minimize guarding and help to enhance joint awareness.

Kinesio Tape can help injured athletes to continue to perform, if appropriate. And remember function is not limited to sport, but to typical daily activities. Do not let pain and injuries restrict your function. Try to reduce strain and promote healing without restricting your motion. Try Kinesio Tape in NJ, NY & FL.

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