We're Not Just SPORTS, We're All About The CARE!

No matter what level you play at, no athlete wants to just watch from the sidelines. While risk of some injuries can not be fully eliminated, the care and management following injury is constantly evolving. SportsCare clinicians follow progressive protocols to return the athlete safely and effectively while reducing risk for re-injury.

Our physical therapists and athletic trainers understand the taxing demands of each sport and introduce specific exercises during the final stages of the progression to elevate the athlete’s confidence and safely acclimate them to the playing field.

In addition, athletes are given the opportunity to continue their program at the SportsCare Performance Institute, where they initiate sports performance goals like speed, power, and agility on our indoor turf field to further prevent re-injury and discover their athletic potential. Contact us to learn more about return to sport services in NJ, NY & FL.

Easily request an appointment below, or call the facility nearest to you to speak with someone from our team!  

At SportsCare Physical Therapy we see each of our patients as individuals. With a customized treatment plan that is unique to each patient, our therapists are able to address all of their patients’ specific needs!

At SportsCare we verify your insurance immediately, at no cost to you, so you’re fully aware of your responsibilities way before your first visit.

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We're Not Just SPORTS...We're All About The CARE!