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Headaches in NJ, NY & FL

Headaches in NJ, NY & FL may be caused from a variety of sources, most of which a skilled Physical Therapist is able to identify, address, and correct. The pain may be cervicogenic in nature, or caused by pain and dysfunction in one’s cervical spine (neck). They may also be the result of vestibular dysfunction such as dizziness, vertigo, or trauma. Furthermore, headaches may be the result of TMJ abnormalities, neurological issues, dietary changes or side effects of medications. All of the different root causes of headaches may also require a unique approach to get the maximum desired result. The role that a Physical Therapist can play in the identification, treatment, and management of headaches can make the world of difference in full restoration of function, and the ability to begin to participate and enjoy the activities of daily living again.

When you choose SportsCare, you can be rest assured that upon arrival to physical therapy, a thorough past medical history screening will be performed to determine the root cause of your headache. Based on objective measurements and findings, your SportsCare Physical Therapist will create a treatment program unique to you and your condition, in addition to performing manual therapy techniques, to properly rehabilitate you towards healing and recovery.

Treatment interventions may include, but are not limited to: stretching of the cervical spine, strengthening neck muscles, strengthening postural muscles (including mid back and shoulders), stretching the pectoralis muscle, working on alignment and ROM, mechanical or manual traction, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy and/or heat. At SportsCare we realize that each patient has specific and unique needs requiring a custom tailored approach that we take pride in delivering to our patients on each and every visit. Don’t let headaches keep you from living your life to the fullest.

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