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Neck and Back Pain in NJ, NY & FL

Whether you are coming in for a neck, or lower back injury, the first step to rehabilitating your neck and back pain begins with an initial evaluation. You will be asked to answer questions regarding your current medical history, signs, symptoms, and the overall functional limitations that you are experiencing.

Once this critical information is identified and uncovered, your SportsCare Physical Therapist will review the information with you. At that time they can then provide various ways to adapt or modify your daily activities and movements in order to lessen your neck and back pain and decrease the stress on the affected area. This will be the first step in making it possible for you to be active enough to meet the required demands of your daily routine and prevent atrophy caused by inactivity.

Treatment of your neck and back pain in NJ, NY & FL can then progress to possibly include various forms of manual interventions such as massage, trigger point release, joint mobilization, and stretching. These interventions can help to increase your active range of motion and decrease your pain or discomfort. This may include movements like bending forward or rotating your spine for flexion. Therapeutic exercise, postural re-education, and muscular activation tasks may then be included to maintain the benefits obtained with manual intervention and to provide more long term relief. It is important to note that all cases of neck and back pain can vary greatly and that no one condition is ever the same. Your SportsCare Physical Therapist will come up with an individualized treatment program specific to you that will assist you in reaching a level of performance equal to or exceeding that prior to your injury or pain.

A home exercise program may also be implemented to maintain the success of what is accomplished in the therapy office. This can be especially helpful when attempting to expedite the recovery process. Both the treatment plan and home exercise program will change periodically in order to fit your needs as you progress. All questions or concerns will be addressed to ensure that each patient obtains a full understanding of their rehabilitation plan.

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