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Our brain is a very complex structure which helps control all our functions. A stroke and traumatic brain injury in NJ, NY & FL can alter the way we move and function secondary to a change in input and output of information. There is usually always a loss of mobility and movement with a stroke and brain injury but can vary depending on the severity.

What is a traumatic brain injury? A traumatic brain injury also known as a TBI occurs as the result of extreme force exerted on brain tissue. Common causes are falls, car crashes, or blows to the head. Movement of the brain that causes damage even though the skull is intact is called a closed injury. Damage caused by a wound that breaks through the skull, such as a gunshot or a puncture by a sharp object, is called a penetrating injury.

What is a stroke? A stroke is damage to the brain secondary to interruption of blood supply. If the blood flow is stopped or altered, a part of the brain does not receive enough oxygen. Millions of brain cells die every minute during a stroke, increasing the risk of permanent brain damage, disability, or death.

How can Physical Therapy help? A stroke and major brain injury can often change how the body functions because of the change in neural pathways leading to motor (i.e difficulty walking, weakness) and sensory impairments. As physical therapists we specialize in treating disabilities related to motor and sensory impairments. We are masters of movement and our goal is to help you improve function with your daily activities and to attain the best quality of life.

When first meeting with us we will go through a thorough evaluation assessing such things as strength, range of motion, endurance, posture, gait and sensory deficits. All the information compiled from the initial evaluation will be used to design a rehabilitation program to meet your needs.

Treatment for stroke and brain injuries vary depending on the results from the evaluation and the severity of the injury. At SportsCare, our Physical Therapists will use a multitude of treatment strategies such as tapping/stroking, active/passive range of motion exercises, gait training and mirror training to help improve function. As you progress your therapist will modify and advance the program to meet your needs.

At SportsCare we understand that a stroke and traumatic brain injury is life altering and we will be there every step of the way to help promote the healthiest possible lifestyle.

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