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SportsCare Certifies 40 Team Members in Dynamic Taping

We are pleased to announce that 40 of our team members have been certified in Dynamic Taping!

Dynamic Tape is a specially designed, highly elastic tape and is completely different from rigid sports tapes and kinesiology tapes.  Its unique properties and four way stretch allow for a truly biomechanical approach to taping, something that integrates well with a clinician’s clinical reasoning process.

The tape is applied in a way that allows the elastic energy to decelerate motion & absorb load (eccentric), store energy once deceleration is complete and then re-inject it back into the system as shortening commences (concentric) in much the same way as a bungee cord. In this way it can assist weak, injured or overloaded muscles or can be used to modify movement patterns to indirectly reduce loading or improve technique.

The Dynamic Tape is extremely soft, highly conformable, breathable and water resistant which makes it possibly the most comfortable athletic tape on the market.

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