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SportsCare Comeback Athlete of the Month August 2016

SPORTSCARE COMEBACK ATHLETE OF THE MONTH AUGUST 2016 — On a monthly basis, SportsCare Physical Therapy — the official therapy provider for the New York Red Bull’s — acknowledges an extraordinary athlete who has recovered from injury and returned to their sport. For the SPORTSCARE COMEBACK ATHLETE OF THE MONTH August 2016, SportsCare recognizes Mt Olive, NJ’s Jonah Conway.

Jonah was playing the game that he loves, soccer, for the New York Red Bulls Academy when on March 6th 2015, in the 85th minute of the match, he tore his ACL. On March 15th of that year, Jonah had reconstructive surgery on his ACL and was sent to SportsCare Physical Therapy for rehabilitation.  Under the care of physical therapist Rick Costa at SportsCare located in Whippany, Jonah impressively completed his rehab with the goal of playing soccer his freshman year at Ryder University.  Jonah’s individualized therapy program and his hard work made him reach his goal and he is currently back on the field playing soccer at Ryder.  Because of Jonah’s work ethic and dedication to his sport, SportsCare would like to honor him as our Comeback Athlete of the Month!

Jonah was accompanied by the Red Bulls on the field and by SportsCare Owner and VP Bari Vitolo, along with his parents Todd & Cheryl Conway in the picture you see on the on the Jumbo Tron above.  Jonah, on behalf of the New York Red Bulls and SportsCare, we congratulate you for your hard work to get back on the pitch and becoming the SportsCare Comeback Athlete of the Month August 2016!

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