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Winter Driving Safety Tips

It’s snowing… AGAIN.

Many of us still drove into work and will need to drive home with roads full of snow, slush and ice. So what can we bring with us to ensure the easiest way home possible with Winter Driving? Here are some tips:

  • Snow Tires: I mean it’s not the easiest thing to do spur of the moment, but they help stopping power tremendously.
  • Small Shovel: In case your work parking lot isn’t covered, and they have crews out plowing to make it easier for ingress and egress of the lot, you may have a bit of plow snow in front/behind your car. Use a small shovel to clear it out before you head home. Always make sure when shoveling, to lift with your knees, and not your back!
  • Ice Scraper/ Brush: This is pretty obvious, but somehow we always forget it in our trunk while it’s snowing.
  • Bag of Road Salt, Bag of Cat Litter/Sand: In case the parking lot is super icy its a great way to help melt some away. The Cat litter and sand will also help gain tire traction if placed in front and behind the wheels when stopped.
  • Road Flares: Always be prepared, being stuck on the side of the snowy and icy road is not the place you want to be. This will at least help forwarn other drivers of what lies ahead.

Icy Roads:

There are plenty of tools to make icy roads safer to drive on with Winter Driving, but there’s always a risk of skidding on the ice. Here’s what to do in a skid:


  • Stop braking
  • Depress the clutch quickly (if equipped)
  • Focus on the left mirror only
  • Steer and counter-steer until the car straightens out

The best ways to avoid skidding are:

  • Don’t brake too hard
  • Don’t steer too sharply
  • Don’t accelerate too quickly
  • Don’t drive too fast

Safe Travels Everyone, From your friends at SportsCare Physical Therapy!

If you sustain any injuries, from slipping on ice, automotive accidents, or back pain from shoveling, feel free to contact us to set up an evaluation so we can get you moving again!

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