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Preventing Geriatric Slips & Falls by Improving Balance


Many people develop difficulty walking as they age. One common, coexisting factor is the presence of poor balance. For the geriatric population, this combination is extremely dangerous and can increase an individuals risk of falling. Falls are particularly dangerous, as this population is typically at risk for fracture, or more commonly known as broken bones.

Avoiding an extensive recovery from a broken hip, wrist or shoulder starts with addressing the causes of unsafe ambulation and the contributing factors to poor balance. Muscle weakness, especially in the legs is one of the most important risk factors. Older people with weak muscles are more likely to fall than are those who maintain their muscle strength, as well as their flexibility and endurance.

Your balance and your gait-how you walk- are the other key factors. Older adults who have poor balance or difficulty walking are more likely than others to fall. These problems may be linked to a lack of exercise.

The therapists at Sportscare physical therapy are highly trained in the comprehensive evaluation of the geriatric patient. Although many patients share the common symptom of difficulty walking and poor balance, the causes are often very different. That is why our therapists establish a unique and individualized treatment approach for each and every patient.

Your program will be closely monitored and advanced to improve your level of function. Your therapist will be actively involved in your care and respond to your every need.

The best way to address problems with walking and balance is to act early and begin addressing the actual cause of the problem. We will work closely with your physician to make sure you promptly advance towards your goal of a safe, healthy and active lifestyle.

Please contact your local Sportscare Physical Therapy location to schedule an appointment or text your zip code to 1-844-700-0013 to find a facility closest to you.

We look forward to meeting you.

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