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Impact of Childbirth on a Woman’s Body


Childbirth is an extremely taxing process for a woman’s body. During pregnancy and after childbirth there are many conditions and orthopedic ailments that develop for the expectant mother. In addition, a women that experiences a cesarean procedure is subjected to a much slower progression to full activity.

Sportscare physical therapy is staffed with exceptionally trained physical therapists that can compassionately assist the female population in a more comfortable pregnancy and assist the patient post partum to effectively manage many associated limitations.

Some very common complaints during pregnancy include low back pain, muscle spasm, sciatica symptoms, carpal tunnel symptoms, and posture related pain. Many of these symptom can be successfully managed by our therapists. Together, we will gain clearance from your physician for participation in therapy and initiate an individualized program to meet your needs. We can safely address your pain during your pregnancy and help you mange the 9 months much more comfortably.

After childbirth, our compassionate therapists can uniquely establish a program to meet all of your needs and establish a path to restore your full participation in your desired activities. For those women experiencing a cesarean birth, our therapists can assist in developing safe strategies for even the simplest of movements including transitioning in and out of bed.

For all woman after childbirth, once cleared for increased activity, our therapist will play a critical role in helping you regain your confidence in exercise participation, as well as, establish an extensive core and spinal stabilization program to regain the stability which was greatly challenged by the pregnancy. We will individually customize your therapy to allow you to restore a healthy and active lifestyle.

Every mothers limitations and presentation are unique. We will work closely with you and your physician to individually address all of your needs whether during pregnancy or after child birth.

Please contact a Sportscare Physical Therapy Location to schedule an appointment or text your zip code to 1-844-700-0013 to find a location closest to you.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel better.

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