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Increased Range of Motion With Hurdle Drills

Tightness in the hips and hamstrings are an indicator that you are at risk for an injury. One of the best ways to prevent or decrease the chance of injury would be mobility drills for increased range of motion. Dynamic stretches are great for moving the muscle through its range of motion but it is easy to let your form fall through the cracks.

An excellent way to add a few more degrees of movement would be adding hurdle drills to your warm up. Performing the drills listed below will significantly add range of motion and decrease your risk for injury. Try these drills after your general warm up and you’ll have better core stability, hip flexibility, and proprioception.

Hurdle Walkovers.

With 4-5 hurdles lined up at an even height, lift one leg at a time and bring it up and over the hurdle. Once your leg has reached the ground on the other side of the hurdle, bring your back leg up and over and bring it all the way over in between the next set of hurdles. Repeat those steps until both legs are over the final hurdle. Try 3-4 rounds of walkovers for improved balance, hip strength, as well as core stability.


Line your 5 hurdles up and alternate between a low hurdle and a high hurdle. You will start with a walk over, followed by a deep squat under the following hurdle. Repeat until you walk over the last hurdle. 3-4 rounds will give you a good burn and build strength in areas not hit in training.

Lateral Knee Drives.

Finally, line 5 hurdles up in a line. Face one side and drive one knee at a time up and over the hurdle followed by your other leg once it hits the ground. This drill requires a rhythm so try to maintain the same pace all the way through. Performing this drill forces you to increase your range of motion and emphasize an aggressive knee drive. Try 3-4 rounds of this for a significant decrease in risk for injury and an increased range of motion.

-Dylan Spadaccini

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