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New Aquatic Physical Therapy Program

SportsCare of Mountain Lakes recently began a new Aquatic Physical Therapy program and is excited to announce recent studies indicating the benefits of aquatic physical therapy.

In 2013, a review published by Villalta and Peiris indicated there are no increased risk of infection or other adverse events when immersing a wound in as early at 4 days post op as long as it covered with an appropriate waterproof dressing. Furthermore, aquatic PT can be used as an adjunct to or instead of land therapies to enhance motion in early stages after orthopedic surgery, particularly for rotator cuff repairs, total knee replacements, total hip replacement and post ACL reconstruction.

What does it mean for you?

You have the option of starting your rehab in a comfortable, warm pool without increasing pain, staying well within your doctor’s protocols and progress without the fear of reinjury. A one-on-one treatment session will be designed to suit your needs.

For more information, call our Mountain Lakes facility at 973-402-1600.

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