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Source Note: Carmelo Anthony – Labral Tear (Shoulder)


WHO: Carmelo Anthony sat out the final two games of the season due to a tear in his right labrum. No surgery is required.

WHAT: What is a labral tear?

The labrum is the cup-shaped cartilage that surrounds the socket to stabilize the shoulder joint. When the labrum is torn it can lead to shoulder pain, an unstable shoulder joint or even partial or complete shoulder dislocation.

Unfortunately, labral tears are hard to prevent. Athletes, especially throwing athletes or weightlifters, are prone to labral tears, usually as a result of a repetitive shoulder motion or when you put extra strain on the biceps.


In some cases, surgery is required. However, as in Carmelo Anthony’s case, it isn’t always necessary.

The first step toward recovery is controlling the pain through rest, anti-inflammatory medication, and heat or ice. Then physical therapy is necessary to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles to stabilize the shoulder.

A therapist will educate the patient about positions and activities to avoid, create a treatment plan for recovery, show specific shoulder strengthening exercises, and design a home exercise program. The exercises will begin to strengthen the muscles and improve rotation of the shoulder.

Most patients are able to get back to their activities within four to six weeks.

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