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SportsCare Comeback Athlete of the Month – February 2014

SPORTSCARE COMEBACK ATHLETE OF THE MONTH — On a monthly basis, SportsCare Physical Therapy — the official therapy provider for the National Basketball Association’s Brooklyn Nets — acknowledges an extraordinary athlete who has recovered from injury and returned to their sport. For February 2014, SportsCare recognizes Mountain Lakes, NJ’s Cole Malnoti, a student at Briarcliff Middle School.

After basketball camp this past summer, Malnoti was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) lesions.  After surgery, Malnoti went to SportsCare Physical Therapy of Mountain Lakes for rehabilitation, overseen by physical therapist Christina Polgar. He also participated in SportsCare’s Step Up program, for those who wish to continue their care after their primary physical therapy is complete.

About SportsCare Institute, Inc.

SportsCare Institute, Inc. manages a network of physical and occupational therapy centers. The company’s goal is providing the highest quality of care available, with an emphasis on preventing injury, treating pain, and recovering function.  Each of SportsCare’s more than 50 facilities offers the latest technology in rehabilitation, and is equipped with state-of-the art modalities, testing and exercise equipment, and more. Additional information is available online, at  https://sportscare1.com.

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