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Source Note: Tiger Woods – Back Surgery


WHO: Tiger Woods will miss the Masters after undergoing back surgery

WHAT: If you were among the many fans who were shocked and disappointed on Tuesday when news of Tiger Woods’ back surgery popped up on ESPN SportsCenter, fear not. Your chances of watching his return to the course are very good.

While the 2014 Masters and US Open may be out of reach, published studies indicate that in several months he should be able return to a performance level that once again will wow spectators. In fact, in separate studies of professional athletes with lumbar microdiscectomy, published in Spine, Dr. Robert Watkins, Sr. and Dr. Wellington Hsu both reported approximately 80-90 percent full return to athletic performance at a previous level.

So what is there to do for Tiger Woods now? As in nearly all cases of surgery, he’ll begin to restore his mobility and strength through a physical therapy program prepared specifically for him. This will gradually begin to include sport-specific activities that will eventually lead to his return to play. In fact, this is essentially the way all our SportsCare Physical Therapy patients are managed.

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