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“Best Damn Race Ever”

POST-RACE RELIEF — Even the finest, fittest athletes encounter physical issues during training and competition … and that’s why physical therapy is so valuable. As an example, the “Best Damn Race Ever,” held recently in downtown Orlando, featured a large number of top-notch runners facing off in three events — a 5K, a 10K, and

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SportsCare Comeback Athlete of the Month – December 2013

SPORTSCARE COMEBACK ATHLETE OF THE MONTH — On a monthly basis, SportsCare Physical Therapy — the official therapy provider for the National Basketball Association’s Brooklyn Nets — acknowledges an extraordinary athlete who has recovered from injury and returned to their sport. For December 2013, SportsCare recognizes White Plains, NY’s Kevin Trapp, a varsity lacrosse player

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Denville Physical Therapist Loves Helping People

Kristy Bogdany is a physical therapist at SportsCare and is also a IGM Acupressure and Certified Kinesio tape practitioner. Although Kristy Bogdany endured several sports injuries as a student at Morris Catholic High School, she never thought she would pursue a career as a physical therapist. The Denville native instead imagined a life filling medications

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Why Graston Technique Could be for You

SportsCare’s PT Ricardo Costa is one of the certified Graston Technique therapists practicing in Whippany, New Jersey. Ric came across Graston Technique after having several patients not responding well to traditional soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization. “I needed another tool for the box, when I looked up Graston Technique, an instrument assisting soft tissue

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New Aquatic Physical Therapy Program

SportsCare of Mountain Lakes recently began a new Aquatic Physical Therapy program and is excited to announce recent studies indicating the benefits of aquatic physical therapy. In 2013, a review published by Villalta and Peiris indicated there are no increased risk of infection or other adverse events when immersing a wound in as early at

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Inspired by the NYC Marathon? Tips to Keeping a Healthy Body and Mind

With the New York City Marathon approaching, our Physical Therapist’s in New York are working hard to keep these head strong athletes healthy for peak performance on Sunday. Physical Therapist, Maggie Fogel, currently works with several marathoners who have been coming to her while in training. “We encourage the athletes to run from within themselves,

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SportsCare Certifies 40 Team Members in Dynamic Taping

We are pleased to announce that 40 of our team members have been certified in Dynamic Taping! Dynamic Tape is a specially designed, highly elastic tape and is completely different from rigid sports tapes and kinesiology tapes.  Its unique properties and four way stretch allow for a truly biomechanical approach to taping, something that integrates

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SportsCare Performance Institute Grand Opening

SportsCare Institute, Inc. is proud to announce the grand opening event of the SportsCare Performance Institute on May 18th at 70 Route 10 West in Whippany, NJ from 12pm-4pm. As a leading provider of physical therapy and sports medicine, SportsCare has now expanded their brand into the sports performance training field.  The SportsCare Performance Institute

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kevin ware laying on ground with teammates after leg injury
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Kevin Ware’s Long Road to Recovery: Compound Leg Fracture Recovery Time

Cardiovascular training. Strengthening. Alter G. These are just some of the many modes of therapy Kevin Ware will be facing over the next year. On March 31, 2013, after almost 30 years since Joe Theismann’s horrific compound leg gracture injury, Kevin Ware, a 20-year-old basketball player for the Louisville Cardinals sustained a similar injury. After

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What Physical Therapy Means for Kobe Bryant’s Achilles Tendon Rupture

Following an achilles tendon rupture which is surgically repaired, most patients will return to their prior level of function within six months. This can vary based on the demand of the patient’s activities, as well as the individual’s prior level of function, strength, age, and intrinsic ability to heal. Kobe Bryant’s athleticism and strength provide

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Self Myofascial Release (SMR)

SMR (self myofascial release) is an important part of NASM’s 4 step rationale to corrective exercise. As part of the inhibitory phase, SMR is meant to relax overactive muscles fibers that may be present within the muscle. The rationale behind it is that by using the clients body weight over a semi hard object, the

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