Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

When it comes to pre-operative rehabilitation the goal is for the patient to be at their strongest prior to surgery which allows for a faster recovery.  Most orthopedic conditions including, but not limited to, shoulder, hip, spine, knee, and ankle injuries all benefit from rehab prior to having surgery.

At SportsCare Physical Therapy, some of the most frequent situations we see prior to surgery include ACL tears, knee replacement patients, rotator cuff tears, hip/shoulder labral tears, spinal disc herniation, joint replacement patients, and ankle ligament tears. Patients will come in for an examination for pre-operative rehabilitation to assess for loss of motion, swelling in a joint, weakness at muscles directly and indirectly involved in the injury, and soft tissue restrictions. Our therapists will assess all factors affecting the patient’s current condition and establish a program to effectively prepare them for their surgery.

At SportsCare, patients will be involved in planning the rehab process so they are able to return to all prior level activities after surgery. Our certified orthopedic manual therapists will assess for specific dysfunction at the joint and implement techniques including, but not limited to, soft tissue massage, deep tissue releases, edema reduction, joint mobilizations, and stretching. Our therapists are certified in dry needling and taping techniques to further address these impairments if conventional treatment is not sufficient. Exercises will not only address the direct problem, but will further look at the entire body to address any impairment in the chain which may have contributed to the injury. Our therapists have a keen eye when it comes to addressing the entire chain of dysfunction. We have access to state of the art equipment including the Alter G treadmill, TRX, and Biodex. An individualized treatment plan, tailored specifically to each patient’s specific and unique needs will be implemented.

Patients will go into their surgery as thoroughly prepared as possible, which will improve recovery times and decrease overall pain.  If you’re planning on having surgery, come in and see us. We’ll be sure to make the whole process as easy and effective as possible.

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